Introduction Of Live22 Casino

Nowadays more casinos decide to take their gaming business to online. By allowing players to experience a wide range of games at their comfort. Live22 are not limited anymore by the location and time as players can play their favourite games on the Internet at their convenience. After all, Thanks to the advance technologies in use, it is now possible to enjoy the famous casino games in real time. By featuring live dealers and receive an extremely authentic experience.

It has never been so accessible to play them, even by laying on your bed. Besides, Live22 assures high level of protection at any point during the games. It build a high reputation among all the players. The players know their information is in good hands and play without any worries.

Differences between Live22 Casinos and Online Casinos

What the main difference between Live22 casinos and physical casinos? The different is that Live22 casinos provide the incredible opportunity to experience the whole gaming process just bt online. To achieve such a result, the live casinos offer popular games and attractive promotions for players.

In games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, players have the chance to witness a dealer deal the cards on the table in real time. Besides, online casinos do provide the opportunity to play whenever and wherever you want ! However, the experience they give cannot be compared to the live casino as. Thanks to the streamed video they offer, players can see the whole gaming process and experience just like in physical casino. Lastly if the game was played online but not live. player are nt able to interact if the game was playonline but not live.


Terms and Conditions:

1. 711win is giving away RM10 FREE MERDEKA BONUS for every existing member’s deposit transactions with a minimum deposit amount of RM30.
2. No maximum bonus payout, One day can claim one time until 31st august 2021
3. Participant is required to achieve certain rollover requirements before his/her withdrawal request is approved, of which the said requirements are set out as below:

Bonus Payout : RM10
Minimum Withdrawal : RM50